How to Save a Relationship That’s Falling Apart

How To Save A Relationship That's Falling ApartNot everyone knows how to save a relationship that’s falling apart.  If everyone knew how to save a relationship that’s falling apart then you wouldn’t have come to our site for help.

First let’s state that not all relationships can be saved nor are all relationships meant to be saved.  However, if you would like to know how to save a relationship that’s falling apart then try using our recommendations as a starter for helping to save your relationship?  Not every relationship fits into a box and we can say if you do this, this, and this you will be successful at saving your relationship.

Men-Learn How To Save A Relationship That’s Falling Apart

Women-Learn How To Save A Relationship That’s falling Apart

Saving a relationship that’s falling apart can be hard work not to mention can only be successful if both parties involved are truly committed to saving the relationship.

The following suggestions should be used as a guideline to help determine if the relationship is worth saving and you want to know how to save a relationship that’s falling apart.

Examine Relationship- First, assess the relationship, yourself, and the person you are involved with and determine if it is worth saving.  What has brought this relationship to the brink of disaster?    Have you been selfish in the relationship, or has your partner been selfish in the relationship?  Determining why you are so unhappy or determining why the person you are involved with is unhappy will help you figure out a course of action you need to take to know how to save a relationship that’s falling apart.  You don’t want to spend hours trying to fix the relationship if it will just end in a few short weeks.  Maybe you are married and unhappy because you don’t spend enough time together or don’t feel loved.  Maybe you are just at the dating stage and the relationship feels like it slipping away from you because he’s avoiding your calls, or maybe even you have a long distance relationship and you just seem to be growing apart.  Whatever the reason may be that makes you feel the relationship is falling apart needs to be pinpointed.

A good way of doing this examination is to grab a pen and paper and write down your name and then your partner’s name.    Under each name put pros and cons and start listing them.  Next have your partner do the same if they are willing and then exchange.  This may be an eye opener for some.  Just remember don’t get upset and start fussing about what has been written down.  Only can the relationship building take place once we know more about the relationship.

How To Save A Relationship That’s Falling Apart Course of Action – Once you know what you think is hindering this relationship let’s compare that to some issues that hinder just about every relationship.  Lack of communication, selfishness, possessiveness, lack of sex, money, having children complicates matters, being needy, fornication and adultery.  The list goes on and on.  Every relationship has these issues it just boils down to are the 2 of you  willing to work together to make the relationship stronger.  If you are committed to knowing how to save a relationship that’s falling apart then try these relationship building practices and put them to good use daily.

  1. Tell each other you are committed to the relationship and willing to work this out.  Decide to use words of affirmation in the relationship as well.  This is just positive thinking.  For example, “We are in a committed loving relationship” or “I love the way you hold me”.
  2. Decide upon increasing the communication in the relationship.  Tell each other you love one another and leave love notes to one another.  How to save a relationship that’s falling apart is all about communication.
  3. Decide to spend more time together doing quality things.  Maybe take a walk together, set aside a date night, take a bike ride together, go on a vacation together, have a romantic getaway weekend, give each other gifts, maybe just watch a movie together, maybe watch the same shows on TV on a certain night, do the same hobby together, exercise together.  Whatever it is just be creative and feel the good fibes.
  4. Set aside more time to be intimate with each other.
  5. Study and understand the opposite sex and learn what makes them tick.  This is huge when it comes to understanding how to save a relationship that’s falling apart.  Purchase books and read and read more.  It is only thru knowledge that we gain power and control of our lives.
  6. Bring God into your lives.  Relationships that involve some sort of religion have a higher success rate.

Knowing how to save a relationship that’s falling apart is not easy but with much work and commitment the relationship can be salvaged.  It takes work from both parties involved but relationship building can be fun as well as a time to expand your growth spiritually, mentally, and physically.

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